The Algarve has some of the most beautiful, and safest beaches in the world.

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Algarve Beaches...

This year 73 of the Algarve's beaches and Marinas have been awarded the coveted Blue Flag. When you think that world-wide, the Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe (FEEE) has awarded this honour to a total of 46 countries with 3,850 beaches and marinas, it's an incredible achievement for Portugal's southern coast.

How is a Blue Flag awarded?

The Blue Flag is awarded season to season, and beaches must meet 32 criteria in four categories:

Blue Flag Algarve Beaches►  Environmental Education and Information

►  Water Quality

►  Environmental Management

►  Safety and Services

You can recognise the award-winning beaches as they are all clearly marked with the Blue Flag emblem. In addition, many of the Algarve Blue Flag beaches have also been recognised for their accessibilty and provisions for people with reduced mobility. You can find out exactly which beaches have which flags from Meravista's Blue Flag list.

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Algarve Beach Safety Flag System Beach Safety Flags

Algarve beaches are also well marked with flags to let visitors know the current status at the beach, which is helpful if you're not familiar with the local currents and undertow.


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