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Why listen? Because it's all about you! Algarve Addicts inspires, educates and entertains both visitors to the Algarve and locals alike. Nick Robinson interviews local Algarvians about their lives, their favourite haunts and unearths the stories that makes this region such a fascinating place to both live and visit.

Podcasting is such an intimate form of media, you can virtually meet the people behind local businesses as they share their stories. Be prepared for some fascinating and informative discussions and discover how to really optimise your time here in the Algarve.

Podcasting is growing consistently worldwide with well over a third of Americans listening to podcasts on a regular basis. Its the perfect way to listen to stories of the Algarve while driving, exercising or just cruising through your day.

Subscribe via email on www.algarveaddicts.com or download your favourite podcast app (ApplePodcast for iPhone or Stictcher for Androids) and keep up to date. Nick is interviewing people around the region regularly, so if you have a great story to tell (or know someone who does) get in touch with him.

W: http://www.algarveaddicts.com


Hortensio Fernandes from Yellowfish TransfersFaro Airport Transfers: I get to chat to Hortensio Fernandes from Yellowfish Transfers outside their headquarters in Albufeira (if you don’t know where Albufeira is, I am planning a definitive geographical audio guide to the Algarve… phew). As is becoming fairly commonplace now, I am using a mobile audio studio – my car! It’s surprisingly good sound quality inside a car, although on this day it was warm and we were really happy to roll down the windows after the interview.

Tom LonghurstMaking a mark: Algarve Marquees with Tom Longhurst. Tom hails from Wales and spent a few years in California cementing his love for sunshine and the great outdoors. After his return to Wales he decided that moving to Algarve was the best thing for the family, so he set up Algarve Marquees from his base in Burgau.

Meet Lauren from VIPMeet Lauren from VIP.  That’s right, Lauren is a VIP (she owns Very Into Partying). Listen on to find out how she just flashed her business card and was let straight into one of the trendiest night clubs around, jumping a mile long queue in the process. So if you’d like her to fix you up with a memorable party on your holiday, get in touch. She knows her stuff.

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Paul Rees, Editor of the Algarve Daily News. Paul Rees owns and runs the Algarve Daily News, a digital news outlet that comprehensively covers issues of regional interest in the Algarve. His entertaining weekly email newsletter is read by thousands and keeps one abreast of many of the scandals and sometimes wildly outrageous issues of the day. We chose to chat about his home city of Olhão.
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This podcast will make you understand more about Faro. Technically you are only a “farense” if you have been born there. However, Paulo Gonçalves has spent most of his adult life living in and around Faro. We discuss his African roots and simultaneously the path that many Algarvians have followed back from the colonies to the motherland.
Enjoy a few stories of what life is like in Faro and on the Ria Formosa where Paulo works with his company Algarve WOW..
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