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Why listen? Because it's all about you! Algarve Addicts inspires, educates and entertains both visitors to the Algarve and locals alike. Nick Robinson interviews local Algarvians about their lives, their favourite haunts and unearths the stories that makes this region such a fascinating place to both live and visit.

Podcasting is such an intimate form of media, you can virtually meet the people behind local businesses as they share their stories. Be prepared for some fascinating and informative discussions and discover how to really optimise your time here in the Algarve.

Podcasting is growing consistently worldwide with well over a third of Americans listening to podcasts on a regular basis. Its the perfect way to listen to stories of the Algarve while driving, exercising or just cruising through your day.

Subscribe via email on www.algarveaddicts.com or download your favourite podcast app (ApplePodcast for iPhone or Stictcher for Androids) and keep up to date. Nick is interviewing people around the region regularly, so if you have a great story to tell (or know someone who does) get in touch with him.

W: http://www.algarveaddicts.com


Peter Booker. Peter Booker was a Foundation Exhibitioner at Pembroke College, Cambridge, where he obtained his degree in Modern History and he also has an MBA from the Open University. He took a break from history with his 30 year career as a Human Resource Manager with the National Coal Board, latterly British Coal. Peter has given over 100 lectures, regularly in Tavira, Lagoa and São Brás and occasionally in Elvas, Lisbon, Porto, Hedingham Castle and the Cavalry and Guards Club in London.
Nick sat down with him in his home near Tavira and had a short chat about the history of the Algarve. Please excuse some minor sound issues.

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Philippos the Greek Restauranteur. Enjoy a relaxed chat with well known Greek restaurant owner, Philippos as he recounts his early days in the Algarve. Having arrived here in the early nineties he has seen the region change a lot. Follow his move from Albufeira to Almançil and on to Loulé which he now calls home.
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How do you REALLY get to know the Algarve? You set up an Algarve Magazine! Yayeri and Kyle did back in 2015 after arriving down south from Northern Europe. Find out why they came and follow their journey as they create Enjoy the Algarve, a brilliant free monthly digital magazine.
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Listen to an airline pilot's story. Chris has been working as a pilot for the past 8 years on the 737 and arrived in the Algarve three years ago. He is based in Faro and flies out of our International Airport every morning bound for foreign lands and returns every afternoon. It’s a job that allows a sense of normality instead of the usual crazy hours that airline pilots often need to keep.
Additionally there are four days off every five days. Now that DOES sound like the best job in the Algarve. Listen to Chris to see if it’s really true.
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Stand up paddle 160kms across the Algarve. Mauro Engler formed part of a three man expedition to be the first people to ever stand up paddle all the way across the Algarve. Mauro and Nick run Algarve SUP (a stand up paddling touring and adventure company) based in Faro and Armação de Pera. He has a degree in sports science from the University of Algarve.
Back in November 2015 Mauro, myself (Nick Robinson) and Spike Reid set off from Sagres in the south west and took 6 nights to stand up paddle across the Algarve. To our knowledge it had never been done before. Find out how we felt and what transpired as we endured this near week long journey.
Huge thanks to Mauro for spending the time on this interview. You can get in touch with him through Algarve SUP.

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Top reasons to visit the Algarve in 2017. Nick Robinson introduces a new Algarve Podcast entitled Algarve Addicts. Nick explains why the Algarve is such an incredible region to visit touching on many of the following points - Weather, Hotels, Food and Wine, Golf, Beaches, Surfing, Watersports, Arts and Crafts, Countryside, History, Nightlife, Your budget, Safety and English!
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