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The Empowering Millions Summit 2020 - 20th to 23rd February

The Empowering Millions Summit 2020 - 20th to 23rd FebruaryEmpowerment in the modern era requires more than just strong wills. Many have begun taking a holistic approach to empowerment in the hopes of strengthening their business and leadership skills. The Empowering Millions Summit Tour is one such program that enlightens people about how they can combine value-driven principals from Christianity and use it to attain success as an entrepreneur. They will be holding a 5-day Business and Leadership summit, orginally scheduled for October 2019 but due to overwhelming international interest is now rescheduled for 20th to 23rd February 2020. 

The theme of the Empowering Millions Summit 2020 is – "Achieving Greatness for a Greater Purpose in the 21st Century." The purpose of the summit is to equip people with strength and provide them a holistic form of empowerment.

This summit is the first business platform of its kind in Europe which aims to combine business with faith. They will be offering a number of high-quality programs and conferences alongside entrepreneurship opportunities which include business professionals and leaders of the current time. They hope to empower representative of various communities, as well as leaders and business owners to allow them to conduct businesses in a new light. Through the combination of faith with business, one is able to lead a life with a greater purpose.

In doing so, they are able to leave behind a legacy that can massively impact the world. The summit includes members, experts, artists and speakers who will be present to share their core values, faith and vision. Alongside this, they will share their professional disciplines such as sociology, theology, political sciences, economy, medicine, finance and more. The organizers will be working alongside Global Strategic Kingdom partners from all across the world. In collaboration with them, new events are set to be held in the USA, Kenya and South Africa. These will be held by the end of this year and the beginning of the next year.

About the Empowering Millions Summit 2020

Empowering Millions is the first business platform of this kind in Europe that joins business and faith in delivering high-quality business conferences, mentoring programs and a media platform for entrepreneurs, business professionals and leaders with the mission to achieve greatness for a greater purpose.

The creators of the platform seek to empower leaders, business owners, community representatives and change-makers worldwide that can walk beside others in their journey toward their greatest potential and a Spirit-filled life of purpose. This will enable them to leave a spiritual legacy that will have a great impact on the world at large. For more information: https://www.empoweringmillions.com/

The event is to be held in Algarve, Portugal at the 5-star Cascade Wellness Resort, Lagos Algarve. It will run from February 20th to 23rd. Tickets are available HERE.

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