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AustralisLogoA report from media independent, Apenas Fuma, reveals that proposal for an onshore test well in Aljubarrota, in the Batalha concession area in Central Portugal, has been held up over the question of whether or not an environmental impact assessment is needed.

The Portuguese Environment Agency stated that it, "can not conclude" its deliberations as the submission from Australis Oil & Gas Portugal failed to state exactly where its rig will be drilling.

MinisterSeaVitorinoGalp-ENI’s oil and gas exploration test well, planned for an offshore location 46 kilometres due west of Aljezur, remains suspended after a Loulé court upheld PALP’s May 24th challenge to the Ministries of the Sea and of the Economy.

According to PALP, the Administrative Court of Loulé, in an order signed on June 29th, considered that the arguments put forward by the Ministries were not sufficient to allow the drilling to commence.

oilgungePortugal’s Minister for the Environment, João Matos Fernandes, fully supported the government’s pro-oil stance, at meeting of the Parliamentary Environment Committee, during which he trotted out the agreed government's nonsensical mantra that it ‘only wants to find out what resources are out there.’

Fernandes was accused by MPs of giving in to economic interests. He stated that, "If the country wants to be independent of energy from abroad," the Galp-ENI drilling programme will go ahead.

oilgungeThe Terras do Infante association of western Algarve municipalities, now led by the impressive figure of Aljezur’s recently disgraced mayor, José Amarelinho, is hosting an anti-oil conference on June 29th, with free entry for those interested.

'The well nobody wants!' is 'another form of struggle, reiterating the total opposition to the exploration and extraction of oil in the Algarve, in particular to the announced test well in the sea bed off Aljezur,' according to the publicity.

whalehumpbackIn a move of unparalleled cynicism, Galp Energia, one of the concession partners for the Santola hydrocarbon exploration area where test drilling is due to start in October this year, is funding a study into the whale and dolphin population along Portugal’s coastline.

Common whales, the world's second largest whale, dolphins and other cetaceans are to be found in the ocean off the Portuguese west coast but they have yet to be studied and their numbers established.

OilReferendumSMALLFive Algarve business associations have condemned the government's decision to authorise the Galp-ENI test well drilling without a proper environmental study.
The search for oil off the coast of Aljezur, "opens the door for future exploration permits," states the groups of local businessmen who accuse the government of having acted "in a non-transparent way."

oilrigOn behalf of 'Plataforma Algarve Livre de Petróleo' (PALP) and four other entities involved in the Fossil Free Movement in the Algarve and Portugal, we would like to share the press release prepared this week, writes the environmental group.

"We express disbelief and outrage at the decision of the Portuguese Environmental Agency (APA) to not subject the offshore drilling project near Aljezur to an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

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