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Oil in the Algarve - ASMAA calls for a People's Referendum

OilReferendumSMALL"Gas will replace oil” says oil company Partex but ASMAA says it is time that a People’s Referendum replaces the lies and half-truths that have characterised the government and the oil companies' joint push to ensure the Algarve becomes an oil and gas production zone.  

The anti-oil campaign association ASMAA has called for an Algarve Referendum so see once and for all whether the local population wants to support an oil and gas industry in the region, onshore and offshore, or not.

Picking up on a recent interview with a director of Partex, the Cayman Islands oil company whose profits go to Portugal’s Gulbenkian Foundation, ASMAA’s Laurinda Seabra remains highly critical that the answers given by Luís Guerreiro are, at best, disingenuous.

The interview published in ECO123 assures readers that everything is under control and Portugal’s poor could look forward to prosperity from a future oil and gas industry.

In fact there were so many half-truth and deliberately misleading statements in the interview that AMSAA’s Laurinda Seabra, with decades of experience in the oil industry, has published her opinion on Guerreiro’s answers and now has drawn up battle plans for a People’s Referendum in the Algarve - “council by council, parish by parish.”

The government too has hidden its oil agenda behind the cover of “alleviating poverty’ when the deal struck with the various consortia sees profits retained by the oil companies and a royalty rate so lamentably poor that many observers have condemned it as the bargain of the century – for the oil companies.  

The link to Laurinda Seabra’s answers and caustic observations is here:


The original ECO123 interview with Partex's Luis Guerreiro is here:




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-6 #1 dw 2016-10-17 10:47
And why is Portugal so poor in the first place? In part due to austerity policies imposed by the same self serving global financial elites which will profit from the oil extraction.

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