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Galp pulls out of three oil concession areas as pressure mounts

oilrigtransportGalp Energia has decided not to continue with surveys or test drilling in three of its concession areas in the Peniche basin and has recorded a €22 million loss in its half-year accounts for the costs incurred.

The reason for pulling out, according to chief executive Carlos Gomes da Silva, is that the geological surveys "are not encouraging."

No such good news for Aljezur residents and the Costa Vicentina natural park as the GalpENI consortium fully intends to start offshore drilling in 2018, presumably as the geological survey results are encouraging  

The company failed to launch its test drilling programme in 2017, as it had planned, but is preparing to drill between April and June next year.

There are pending court cases that Galp has to defeat, before being able to drill at a point just 46 kilometres off Aljezur, and the Attorney General is looking at the whole issue of the oil exploration concession awards.

The government also will be trying to explain to parliament its suppression of a 42,000 signature petition, organised by the anti-oil environmental organisation, ASMAA, which should have been included in a public consultation process but which mysteriously was put in a bottom drawer.

The fight continues, with public opinion firmly against any incursion by the oil giants into the natural areas that bring the south of the country valuable tourism euros.

The next anti-oil demonstration, ‘Defend the Sacred’, is scheduled to take place on Odeceixe beach on August 12th and will be led by John Quigley, the American environmentalist, educator, and aerial artist. Protestors will use their bodies to draw a huge message on the ground, to be filmed by drone cameras.

ASMAA says the events will be "accompanied by dance, prayers and speeches by LaDonna Bravebull, initiator of the Standing Rock movement in the US; José Amarelinho, mayor of Aljezur; Sabine Lichtenfels, Tamera co-founder; Laurinda Seabra, director of ASMAA and many others."

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0 #1 Laurinda 2017-08-06 10:30
Do we trust what Galp has said? NOT AT ALL.

If they really wanted to give up all exploration for the reasons alledged as in the article above - we would have expected them to walk away from ALL 4 contracts and not to retain any. Now, that's not the case ... they retaining one.

Again this smells of more BS. Guess in election time its to be expected.

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