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Oil Drilling in the Algarve in 2015 - CONFIRMED

Oil Drilling in the Algarve in 2015 - CONFIRMEDARE YOU READY TO LOOSE IT ALL?

For the past 2 years we have been warning you.

Many didn’t believe that drilling for gas and oil offshore in the Algarve would ever happen.

After all there’s been talk on and off for past 10 years and nothing happened till now.

Read the article "Spain Repsol to explore for gas in Portugal Algarve region".

Well time to wake-up ... and really take action. Time is running out! 

What will you tell your children in the future because YOU DID NOTHING?

1. When there is no work for them in the future in the Algarve?
2. When they can’t fish in the Algarve waters due to pollution caused by drilling chemicals and spills? Because fish is so contaminated that you cant eat it safely?
3. When they can’t use the sea because it’s full of platforms and protected areas?
4. When you have to sell your house below the price that you paid for it because nobody wants to live here anymore?
5. When you can’t pass your business over to them because you are forced to close it down?
6. When you can’t feed yourself, or them, or your family anymore?
7. When you are forced to leave the Algarve because there is no more tourism, or money to support you and your family?

All it will take is YOU doing NOTHING! Is this what YOU really want for your kids?

But what CAN YOU DO? Here’s a list of WHAT YOU CAN DO.

WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU? - You get to tell your kids one day … “I did all that I could do.”

Donate NOW to the Say NO to Oil and Gas in the Algarve campaign fund. Your support is vital and helps us in this fight – the survival of all is on the line!

Every contribution makes a difference. Be it 25, 50 or 100 Euros, etc - whatever amount you feel is justifiable and you can afford.

Bank Account Holder: ASMAA Algarve Surf and Marine Activities Association
NIB: 0038 0000 40309681771 32 (If you are in Portugal)
IBAN: PT50 0038 0000 40309681771 32 (For International payments)

PAYPAL: info@asmaa-algarve.org (as a transfer/gift to a friend)

NOTE: If you would like a receipt for tax purposes please email: info@asmaa-algarve.org

Get at least another 2 people to sign the petition -  we need to reach 100 000 signatures if we are to truly have impact.

Share the petition via e-mail, on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin … here’s the link to the online petition http://tinyurl.com/nxqqrg2.

Thank you,

The ASMAA team

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