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Algarve ‘oil and gas’ debate at the University this Friday

oilrigAnti-oil and gas exploration group ASMAA encourages those with questions concerning the government’s desire to turn the Algarve into an oil and gas producing region both onshore and offshore, to attend a debate to be held at the University of the Algarve this Friday, October 16th.

Euro MPs and those responsible for public bodies will be there to answer questions from the audience.

Starting at 09:00 at the Green Auditorium at the Gambelas Campus, “A Europa e o Mar” will be conducted in Portuguese.

Politicians present will be Ricardo Serrão Santos (PS),  Cláudia Monteiro de Aguiar (PSD), João Ferreira (PCP) and António Marinho e Pinto, a Euro MP.

The event is an “opportunity to put questions to Portuguese Euro MPs on the exploration of oil and gas both on and offshore in the Algarve, and to find out where they stand,” according to ASMAA whose president Laurinda Seabra will be present to ask some pertinent questions about the current oil and gas contracts, the lack of environmental impact studies and the conflict being created by the government of the Algarve being both a hydrocarbon production area and a prime tourist zone.

Those wishing to attend should first email their name in advance to protocolo@ualg.pt.

After the University debate, there will be a presentation by ASMAA in the public library in Lagoa at 18:30 in Portuguese and English.

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+4 #1 dw 2015-10-14 23:22
Also worth asking is why exploration of oil and gas is even considered when leaving hydrocarbons in the ground is essential if we are to stand any chance of avoiding climate annihilation. No need for an environmental impact assessment.

We all know what the real answer to all the questions is: There are huge profits to be made. By already wealthy people who want more money. The planet can go to hell. Or maybe it's going to fight back...

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