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Germany outlaws fracking

frackingRigOn Friday the German parliament gave approval to a new law that bans fracking but permits conventional drilling for oil and gas.

Hydraulic fracturing involves blasting a mixture of water, sand and chemicals under the ground to release shale oil and gas.

Lawmakers had been deeply divided over the controversial technique, making new legislation impossible to agree.

Although the practice was left largely unregulated, a number of companies had put their projects on hold until legislation was in place. With no solution on the horizon, they said they would begin fracking projects.

This prompted the government to revive proposals which were approved on Friday, despite the Brexit bombshell.

From now on, just a small number of fracking projects for scientific or non-commercial purposes are likely to meet the conditions set down.

Nevertheless, the country’s Greens believe the legislation is not tight enough.

France has already banned fracking but the UK government is all for it.

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