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Progress report on Algarve oil drilling and ASMAA's public petition

asmaa2Aljezur offshore drilling update: feedback from Lisbon events last Wednesday, June 22nd 

Last week was an eventful week. Two demonstrations, handing over of opposition submissions to Portuguese Parliament and to the management of DGRM followed by a very successful “Manifesta” in Aljezur on Saturday the 25 June.

On Wednesday the 22 June, the Aljezur “battle bus” departed for Lisbon at 8h00am for our first manifestation in front of Portuguese Parliament where we delivery two A4 Arch Lever files under a scorching sun with hundreds of pages, nearly 27,000 signatures (two petitions) and over 4,000 personal messages to the government objecting to the request for a licence to drill in the Aljezur offshore, requested by the Galp/Eni consortium to DGRM.

To read the full report of the protest day and subsequent events, visit the ASMAA website by clicking this link: