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oilrig2"ASMAA needs the help of algarvedailynews.com readers to fund the distribution of 150,000 petition forms into homes across the region."

This appeal from the Algarve's independent anti-oil and gas environmental group heralds the launch of a regional distribution of petition forms and information flyers which will be delivered to every Algarve household over the next few weeks.

Algarve oil debate: first drill site to go ahead in OctoberWith the Algarve’s anti-oil campaign trying its best to get heard, Partex oil company boss António Costa Silva has gone on air to confirm the first drilling well for natural gas will be up and running by October.

Talking to Antena 1 radio and Diário Económico, Costa Silva said there would be no sign of the well from the shore. It is to be sited 40 to 50 kilometres off the coast of Faro, with “everything going ahead on the seabed”.

Portugal has to create wealth, he told his interviewers, adding that what is important is to “try and understand how the country entered the 21st century and left the economy stagnated in the 20th century”.

He stressed that an inventory of Portugal’s natural resources was “a mission of national sovereignty”, adding that: “Only afterwards should there be discussion on whether or not exploration should go ahead.”

moreiadasilvaJorge Moreia da Silva has read the various news reports about his signing the concession contract granting Portfuel the rights over 300,000 hectares of the Algarve and oil and gas deposits for 40 years.

The complaint from activists that has been picked up by national press and TV media is that Jorge da Silva refused to consider Portfuel as a contender (in fact it was the only contender) as it was a relatively new company with no track record in oil and gas exploration.

climatejusticeconferenceA Climate Justice conference was held last weekend, 8th and 9th of April, with more than 100 environmentalists and academics meeting at the Institute of Social Sciences in Lisbon.

Over the two days, key priorities and actions were discussed in the mission to stop the exploitation of fossil fuels in Portugal, to promote the renewable energy sector and to halt two damaging trade agreements with Canada and the US.

oilonshorerigPressure from the Algarve’s mayors and anti-oil and gas action groups seem to be having the desired effect as rumours echo through the corridors of power in Lisbon that the Portfuel concessions to explore across much of the region’s territory may be withdrawn.

The government may have found the excuse needed to halt onshore drilling as Portufuel may not have the necessary insurance covers as required under its contract, nor does it have a clean three year technical and financial record as required in order to fulfil the contractual terms.

oilrig2The Algarve-based pressure group ‘Platform for an Algarve Free of Oil’ (PALP) was received by the Government in Lisbon but its members were not given the opportunity of speaking to the Environment Minister as they had hoped.

Instead, the Secretary of State for the Environment, Carlos Martins, met the group to discuss its proposal to cancel the contracts for the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons in the sea and on the land in the Algarve region.

oilrigThe Galp/Eni oil consortium recently announced that it will start oil exploration off the coast of Alentejo this summer, with a first exploratory well to be drilled about 80 kilometres off Sines.

This development has led environmental group Quercus to go public and warn of the potential "overwhelming consequences' that an accident will cause to the environment.

oilprotestministerAt the silent protest against oil and gas exploration in the Algarve, the Secretary of State for Environment, Dr Carlos Martins (pictured) was handed a letter inviting him to visit Aljezur.

The March 24th demonstration was held as the Secretary of State opened a new sewage treatment plant at Vila do Bispo. There were over 150 demonstrators, adults and children, from Lagos, Odeceixe, Aljezur and the Vila do Bispo areas.