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oiltankerThe Supreme Court in Spain handed down verdicts of “gross negligence” for the captain, the British insurer, and the owner of the of the Prestige* tanker which sank in 2002.

The vessel went down after being damaged, adrift for six days and then breaking in half. That sent 63,000 tonnes of oil into the sea and eventually onto nearly 3,000 kms of shoreline in Portugal, Spain and France.

autodromehotel2The new Secretary of State for Tourism, Ana Mendes Godinho, has been in the Algarve again, this time to meet business associations in order to gather input for a strategy to "combat seasonality" in the region.

Ana Mendes Godinho said she today met the six major Algarve business associations, as she wanted to "gauge the position of these associations and establish networking" to allow everyone to "identify specific actions to reduce seasonality in the region."

riaformosaThe Greens have met one of the anti-oil campaign groups battling to save the Algarve from becoming an oil production zone and has concluded that in no way do the contracts, signed by the government with several oil companies, represent the public interest.

Members of the Greens met the Platform for an oil-free Algarve (Palp) in Loulé to go through the contracts covering the exploration and extraction of oil in the sea close the Algarve's shore and across the region's territory.

antoniocosta3The MP for the People Animals and Nature party (PAN) had some well aimed questions for the Prime Minister in parliament today, asking António Costa’s view on the oil and gas exploration and extraction plans for the tourist-dependent Algarve region.

"There are contracts in place that have to be met. There is exploration that should be done," stated the PM, adding that it is absolutely essential for the country to quantify its natural resources and to continue the exploration for hydrocarbons in the Algarve.

oilrigThe Algarve’s mayors already have decided that turning the Algarve's land and sea into an oil or gas production zone is not compatible with their plans for the region. These focus on tourism, non-polluting and clean industries and renewable energy.

On Tuesday, January 12th the mayors’ group AMAL met several business and tourism associations and all agreed; oil is a no-no for a region which has spent decades building up a now thriving tourism business based on clean beaches, beautiful countryside and clean air and water.

oilrigAnti-oil and gas exploration group ASMAA encourages those with questions concerning the government’s desire to turn the Algarve into an oil and gas producing region both onshore and offshore, to attend a debate to be held at the University of the Algarve this Friday, October 16th.

Euro MPs and those responsible for public bodies will be there to answer questions from the audience.