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OilReferendumSMALLFive Algarve business associations have condemned the government's decision to authorise the Galp-ENI test well drilling without a proper environmental study.
The search for oil off the coast of Aljezur, "opens the door for future exploration permits," states the groups of local businessmen who accuse the government of having acted "in a non-transparent way."

oilrigOn behalf of 'Plataforma Algarve Livre de Petróleo' (PALP) and four other entities involved in the Fossil Free Movement in the Algarve and Portugal, we would like to share the press release prepared this week, writes the environmental group.

"We express disbelief and outrage at the decision of the Portuguese Environmental Agency (APA) to not subject the offshore drilling project near Aljezur to an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

aljezuroilThe Algarve mayors’ group, AMAL, met on Friday to discuss the Portuguese Environmental Agency’s decision that an environmental impact assessment is not needed for the planned test well off Aljezur.
Yesterday's news shocked those in the region who have been campaigning to, at least, see the commission of an assessment of the impact of Galp-ENI drilling for oil just 46 kilometres from the Portuguese coastline in a protected maritime area.

oilgungeOil drilling in the Santola exploration area, off Aljezur, is to go ahead in September after the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA) yesterday announced its decision on environmental impact. 
The agency claims to have received opinions from nine public bodies, and concluded that, "the project is not likely to have significant negative impacts and therefore does not require an environmental impact assessment."

OilAriealShotSmallAfter the Environment Agency gave the green light for the controversal test well in the Alentejo basin, (HERE) the Government announced, at a press conference this evening, that it is to refuse any new applications for oil exploration and production until the end of its mandate in 2019.
"The Government will establish a moratorium until the end of its mandate for oil exploration and it will not be possible to assign new licenses for this purpose," announced Augusto Santos Silva, the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

OilReferendumSMALLIn a shocking example of the government’s continuing refusal to listen to its electorate, while supporting its cherished energy companies, the Portuguese Environmental Agency announced this afternoon that the highly controversial Aljezur test-well, in an area already licenced to oil consortium Galp-ENI, will not be subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment and hence drilling can go ahead later this year or early next.

Mysteriously, the Portuguese Environment Agency failed to identify "significant negative environmental impacts" in the test well project in the Alentejo basin, 46 kms off Aljezur in protected waters, and therefore has decided that no environmental impact analysis is necessary - the drilling can go ahead anytime between September 15th and January 15th, 2019.