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Projects announced to improve Ria Formosa islands

riaformosaThe Polis Ria Formosa Society, due to be wound up at the end of the year has signed two work contracts to improve the Ria Formosa area, rather than demolishing yet more island homes.

Dune reinforcement on the islands of Armona and Tavira is to go ahead, as is work to improve the  village of Culatra on the eponymous island.

The 'Renovation of Culatra Island' project is part of the POOC coastal plan and will see various jobs undertaken, including sorting out the network of paths, the creation of a leisure area, signage, the creation of a dry dock, improving the area around the Church, and reorganising the fishing huts.

All this will take two years at a cost of €1.31 million, in a contract awarded to Vibeiras - Sociedade Comercial de Plantas SA.

Meanwhile, Sofareia - Sociedade Farense de Areias, S.A., is spending the next year and a half dredging channels and dumping the sand along beaches in a €1.9 million project which will at last improve the water flow in and out of the barrier islands.

The funding is coming from the State and from EU funds.

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+3 #2 B Woods 2018-05-25 08:02
Well if they don't start shifting sand around they will start losing the islands. There was much storm damage and I would suggest it's a case of preserving the villages on the islands including their public facilities.
+1 #1 dw 2018-05-24 10:21
How is it that millions of public money is available for private contractors to shift sand about, but there's nothing for schools, hospitals, road repairs etc?