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riaformosaThe truth behind the Ria Formosa island clearance may soon be revealed in the form of a model.

At the Social Democrat Party’s annual ‘Festa do Pontal’ bash in Quarteira, at the end of the summer of 2014, a select few of the party’s hierarchy were shown a maquette, or model, of a high-quality tourism development and marina planned at Farol on the southern side of Culatra island.

polislogoThe president of Polis Ria Formosa, ‘demolition man’ Sebastião Teixeira, signed and demolition notices to 81 properties on the island of Culatra without informing his boss, environment minister João Matos Fernandes.

The Communist Party's Paulo Sá says Sebastião Teixeira must be dismissed, a view shared by many ‘close to the issue’ of these pernicious island clearances.

islanddestructionIn a cynical and abusive betrayal, Ria Formosa islanders on Farol have been issued with eviction notices as their representatives prepare for tomorrow’s meeting in Lisbon where they are to present their case to a cross-party parliamentary commission.

This meeting follows a petition submitted to parliament on January 20th aimed at the "preservation of the Ria Formosa and immediate suspension of demolitions." So far 374 buildings have been demolished with plans to remove a further 500.

culatraRepresentatives of the Algarve’s embattled Ria Formosa islanders are to be heard at a meeting of the Commission for the Environment* on the 29 September.

According to a SOS Ria Formosa spokesman, this invitation to Lisbon is a result of "the petition delivered by us on 20 January 2016, which aims to preserve the Ria Formosa and demands the immediate suspension of demolitions."

Farol3Portugal's Supreme Court has ruled in favour of protecting the Ria Formosa islands’ chameleon thus continuing the suspension of demolitions at the settlements of Hangares and Farol.

The successful Loulé court action to protect the island protected reptile had been appealed by the Polis Ria Formosa Company which was keen to demolish as many island properties as possible in this final year of its operations.

riaformosaNearly a hundred protesters against the demolition of their houses on the Ria Formosa islands today confronted Minister for the Sea, Ana Paula Vitorino, who phoned the environment minister for guidance.

Vitorino was able to assure the protesters that a balanced solution will be found for everyone and that "after meeting with several authorities' the minister for the environment will present his solution and then will "talk to people."

culatraThe Algarve mayors are in danger of becoming wildly popular as they have grouped together, even Faro Mayor Rogério Bacalhau, to demand the immediate suspension of demolitions on the Algarve’s Ria Formosa islands.

At yesterday’s AMAL meeting, the mayors unanimously "decided to demand and submit to the Government a request for the immediate suspension of the demolition plan for the communities at Hangars and Farol on the island of Culatra."