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justiceThe honorary president of the Socialist Party, Almeida Santos said today that he believes in the innocence of José Sócrates, whom he visited this afternoon in Évora jail and that the former prime minister "has been held without being charged" or "convicted of anything."

"I have a great admiration for him and the truth is that he is stuck there without being accused of anything, "therefore, as he has not been convicted by a court, I believe in his innocence," added Santos.

pillsThe multinational pharmaceutical company Octapharma has terminated its €12,000 pcm contract with former prime minister José Sócrates who is currently detained in Evora prison as a result of enquiries into money laundering, corruption and qualified tax fraud.

Octapharma said in a statement that "regarding the latest developments the conditions are not being met to maintain collaboration with José Sócrates."

prisonJust as José Sócrates is admitted to Évora prison, the director of the Foreigners and Border Service, Manuel Jarmela Palos has been released from the same prison to await trial under house arrest and must wear an electronic bracelet.

A source from the Ministry of Justice said today that Maria Antónia Anes, former Secretary-general of the Ministry of Justice, and businessman Jaime Gomes soon will be released to home arrest where they too will be monitored by electronic bracelets.

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