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Free For Life, 4* Hotel Style Accommodation.

This equity shareholder scheme, will be a very attractive low-cost alternative to buying or renting for long term residential use, shareholders will be allocated hotel apartment or prime location eco-lodge / villa accommodation, with exclusive adjoining restaurant and leisure facilities, large pool, infra-red saunas, games rooms etc.

All future global food / energy price increases and shortage problems are taken care of with an all-inclusive (at-cost) package, the overall cost for all these services could be as low as €125 per person per week and as part owner of the complex you are basically locked in for life in an inflation proof bubble.

No Cost-of-living crisis, just warm and cosy, free accommodation for life.

Equity from £150k for a nice sized apartment in the hotel with large balcony and lovely views.

Shareholder accommodation, size and site location dependent on equity level.

To find out more email, info.equityoption@gmail.com


Peter Hall
catterick garrison
Email: phall@talktalk.net
Business Opportunity