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Mestre Raposa® Volunteer Award 2016

Mestre Raposa® Volunteer Award 2016Following its social commitment policy, this year Mestre Raposa® presented his Volunteer Award to Refood Faro, for their work, since May 2014, in fighting food waste and hunger in this community. At Refood Faro, volunteer citizens donate two hours of their time, per week, to deliver the surplus food they retrieve from local restaurants, cafes, pastry shops, bakeries, etc., to the community’s underprivileged.

Mestre Raposa® Volunteer Award 2016Mestre Raposa® was created in the mid-2000s with the intent to bring to the Algarve market windows and doors of the highest quality with features rare or virtually non-existent, at the time, and present the German standard of acoustic and thermal insulation to this region.
Since then, our logo is synonymous of German quality and our brand is recognized in the Algarve and identified as a Trustmark.

Specializing in refurbishment and installation of new doors and windows in aluminium, wood and PVC, we value hard work and honesty. We are a multicultural company passionate about this region, and want to keep on growing, as we have done so far, thus contributing to the growth of the local economy and to the promotion of the Algarve as one of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

Inspired by Refood Faro’s determination at the award presentation ceremony, we felt compelled to go further in our support and have decided to lend them a vehicle to help with food collection and distribution. Thank you Refood Faro for your amazing work in the region!

W: www.mestreraposa.com