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Art on your Feet at Mar d’Estórias

Art on your Feet at Mar d’EstóriasMar d'Estórias has in its gallery a temporary exhibition of the Portuguese brand of sneakers Ubber White, born of the desire to do something differentiating, where art stands out in a special support that can be taken everywhere. Ubber White is a brand founded by three women in love with art, Paula Mourão, who brought together the ideas that launch the brand, Fátima Branco, challenged to embrace the project and Filomena Neves the tireless creator of the Ubber White project.

Art on your Feet at Mar d’EstóriasAiming to allow Portuguese artists to be within everyone’s reach, and reinforcing once again the position of Portugal as a brand, Mar d’Estórias supports the creativity and diversity that results from it. More than sneakers with art that can be used; these pieces are 100% Made in Portugal.
The most creative, dynamic and Portuguese space of Mar d’Estórias, the Gallery, is now exhibiting Ubber White brand sneaker, a temporary exhibition where pure art can be used on your feet!

For more information please contact Guadalupe Monfreitas on:

E: guadalupemonfreitas@youngnetworkgroup.com
T: 217 506 050

Or Filipa Glória at filipa.gloria@mardestorias.com

Mar d’Estórias intends to be an innovative place that values everything Portuguese with special emphasis on the Algarve. It was planned to provide a balanced passage between the different areas of the shop, the café/bistro, the art gallery and crowned by the roof top terrace bar with a sea view.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mardestorias
Instagram: www.instagram.com/mardestorias
Website: www.mardestorias.com