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Outsourced companies that are considered part of the resort family

Outsourced companies that are considered part of the resort familyTo outsource services is a common practice in the hotel industry, mainly for maintenance. Most of these companies are disconnected from the general concept of the resorts. CDRBresorts is no exception to the hiring of external companies, however, it has much to say about the involvement of these companies in the operation of the group's resorts.

Outsourced companies that are considered part of the resort familyIt is in the team led by João Pinto that we entrust the maintenance of all necessary repairs inside the properties - paintings, renovations, among others. We are talking about a commitment to maintain more than 300 properties, divided by the 3 resorts. JP Cleaning & Maintenance knows all the details and specificities of each resort.

In order to take care of the wide green areas, swimming pools and common areas we work with a father and son company - Leonardo and Tandy Dias, from Salpijardim. The art of caring for all these areas is undoubtedly admirable. It is a team always ready to help and continuously improve the image of our group.

"These two maintenance teams, that work in partnership, are the pillars of the thoughtful image of our resorts. We are grateful for all these years of hard work and dedication that have allowed us to raise the bar and improve our service of excellence", thanks the Operations Director Bruno Correia.

T; +351 282 771 200
E: info@cdbresorts.com
W: www.cdbresorts.com


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