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Portugal Exportador - the event for small businesses going International

Portugal Exportador - the event for small businesses going InternationalThe Chamber team will have a stand at the Portugal Exportador event in Lisbon on Wednesday, 27th of November at the Centro de Congressos de Lisboa in downtown Lisbon. Come and meet us and find out if your company is ready to export to the U.K. market!

Portugal Exportador is organized by the Fundação AIP, in partnership with Novo Banco and the Chamber’s institutional partner Aicep Portugal Global. This event is targeted at Portugal’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), who are taking their first steps towards internationalization.

Representatives from the Chamber will also take part in the Brexit Seminar at Portugal Exportador, held in the afternoon of 27th November.

For more information and registration go to www.portugalexportador.pt

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