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Pest Control Services in the Algarve - Prevent • Protect • Preserve

Pest Control Services in the AlgarveOur company is based in Albufeira, in the South of Portugal, and has been active in Integrated Pest Control since 1999. We offer professional pest control solutions for private houses and gardens as well as for all commercial and industrial areas thoughout the Algarve and beyond.

Special treatments can be carried out without polluting your home.

Treatment of Palm TreesGot a problem with cockroaches, woodworms, ants, red palm weevils, rats, mice or other pests?
We find an individual solution to your problem, by passing on all useful information to our clients,and by delivering all necessary documents (including documentation according H.A.C.C.P. - e.g. for Hotels, Restaurants, Bars etc.) we make sure that all treatments and any prevention will work and satisfy you.

For more information please contact us on:

T: (+351) 965 404 000
E: info@pest-control.pt
W: www.pest-control.pt