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Are 'night rates' finally gone!?We predicted for some time, gradually everywhere the nightrates are secretely disappearing, without notification of course!

So it does not make sense anymore to run your appliances during the night.

Reaching your fitness goal was never easierThe Cascade Gym by AXN Club 100 is starting to offer various membership options for all residents in and around Lagos.

The 4 Membership concepts are designed to appeal to those who are passionate about their total health, athletic performance and fitness goals. Attaining your personal best will come easy because this exclusive fitness club guarantees personal attention on every level. They furthermore offer luxurious environments where access is limited and everything is top notch.

International payments, online, 24 hours a day

Moneycorp provide a convenient and cost-effective online payment service that allows you to make your international payments and currency purchases at the touch of a button. Available 24 hours a day, with competitive rates and fees, moneycorp online is an easy way to send money overseas.

Two of the Algarve's largest attractions are now open for the 2016 season, and e-tickets can be purchased with great discounts from Algarve Holiday Fun.

To help you find out more about them we've included 2 videos below which we hope you will enjoy!

International transfers - are you paying over the odds?There are numerous reasons why you might need to make an international transfer. Amongst the most common are buying and selling international property, sending money to friends and family overseas, or even moving inheritance assets back into the UK from abroad.

For most of us, using a high street bank to make international money transfers seems like the obvious option. However, it means that unknowingly, you could be paying over the odds.

“Family feeling” at New Bovino SteakhouseWith 23 years’ experience as a top chef, Liam Kirwan believes in the importance of creating a unique but simple meal and will bring this sense of simplicity to Bovino Steakhouse. But the concept comes with one promise: “you will have best steak you have ever had”.

Having just arrived in the Algarve, the Irish chef also promises to introduce Portuguese flavours, because "cooking is also about educating and giving some notes on the local gastronomy".

Carvoeiro Clube de Ténis take-over by the Carvoeiro Clube GroupThe Carvoeiro Clube Groupe have acquired, as part of their current expanding portfolio, the management and operation of Carvoeiro Clube de Ténis effective from 16th March 2016.
As part of their expansion strategy, the Carvoeiro Clube Group, which already took over the popular family resort Quinta do Paraiso last November, has successfully negotiated a long-term management agreement with the owners of Carvoeiro Tenis S.A.

Discover Portugal’s culinary heritage, re-imaginedDiscover Portugal’s culinary heritage, re-imagined by stellar chef Hans Neuner at VILA VITA Parc’s newly-transformed Ocean Restaurant

VILA VITA Parc, Algarve, re-opens the doors of its most prestigious dining offering, Ocean Restaurant, after a dramatic transformation that sees the culinary experience and interior design spectacularly re-imagined. One of just three, highly-esteemed Portuguese restaurants to win two Michelin stars, the revival of Ocean reflects the culmination of seven years of research and development by talented Chef Hans Neuner and his team.