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Miranda, the star at Cadela Carlota shelter

Miranda, the blind dogThis is Miranda. She was found by a lady in Portimão at the beginning of November 2018. She had been put in a cardboard box and, at the age of 7 weeks, left outside a market.
After realising that this puppy was not able to open her eyes, the Cadela Carlota Rescue Shelter in Odiaxere was contacted and Miranda came into our care.

MirandaThis small and defenceless young puppy, was already showing a personality and courage that charmed everyone who came into contact with her. After visiting local vet clinics in the Algarve, the consensus was that Miranda had a congenital eyeball deformity and that her sight would not return. This prognosis was confirmed by the Canine Eye Specialist, Cristina Seruca, at the VetOeiras (Lisbon), in December. Cristina told us that blind dogs could live a very normal life and be totally independent.

Miranda would benefit if adopted by a family with one or more dogs. At our shelter, Miranda is living with 8 more puppies at the moment and she has no "special treatment" because she doesn't feel different from her buddies.

So now we are looking for a very special forever home for this feisty girl.

She needs to go to a loving, stable home with a dog (or dogs) to become her sight buddy.

Miranda will stay petite (terrier size) but with a personality and loving nature that far outweighs her size.

If you would like to meet this very special young female, please contact cadelacarlota.comp@gmail.com