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A Sea of Flavour for This Christmas

A Sea of Flavour for This ChristmasDiscover the suggestions from Mar d’Estórias for this Christmas and gift the ones you like best with Portuguese scents and flavours. Among pleasant wines, unmistakable soaps and scented candles, there are many excellent products that can fill your Christmas with tradition and memories – Mar d’Estórias Hampers. For the man who likes Portuguese products, Mar d’Estórias has created the Hamper for Him which includes a Graham's Fine Tawny Port, a moisturizing soap from the Antiga Barbearia do Bairro and a Candle from the Greatest Candle.

For the lady who likes to be pampered, our suggestion is a harmonious Port Cruz Rosé Wine, bath salts from Magic Bath and an inspiring aromatic candle.

The hamper Estórias, includes a Mar d’Estórias notepad, a local wine, a standard candle and a beautiful decorative swallow, with this you can share good memories with your family and friends.

For the true lovers of Port Wine we reserve a very special hamper, with a Dow's Tawny Port, an elegant wooden board and two delicious jams from Fonte de Pias.

The Biological Hamper is also available and consists of a selection of products without pesticides or chemical additives; the Vintage, which promises to revive memories with timeless items, Guloso, for those with a sweet tooth and, the Pastel de Nata hamper, for the lovers of this great Portuguese sweet.

For those who like to be inspired by Portuguese recipes there is the basket Marafado which will allow you to fill your Christmas table with the softness of the Orange Tree and Medronho Honey, with the richness of Monterosa Olive Oil, the "musicality" of the Imprevisto Red, the intensity of the Monchique Chorizo and many other wonders.

Check the Christmas Hamper options available at Mar d’Estórias and share magic and tradition this season, both on and off the table.

More information regarding the Christmas Hampers

See the catalogue HERE.


Hamper for Him (Ref 001) | P.V.P. 30€
Port Wine Graham’s Fine Tawny 75cl
Beard Soap, Antiga Barbearia do Bairro
Small Candle, Greatest Candle Oil2wax

Hamper for Her (Ref 002) | P.V.P. 30€
Port Wine Cruz Rosé 75cl
Big Candle, Greatest Candle Oil2wax
Shower and Bath Salts, Magic Bath

Port Wine Hamper (Ref 003) | P.V.P.40€
Porto Dow’s Tawny 75cl
Wooden board V. Porto Objecto Anónimo
Book - O prazer do Vinho do Porto
Fruit jam with Port, Fonte de Pias
Jam miniature 40gr Fonte de Pias

Pastel de Natal Hamper (Ref 004) | P.V.P. 40€
Pastel de Nata Liquor Cantares de Portugal
Pastel de Nata Tea Piacere Portugal
Pastel de Nata Soap Aromas com Arte

Biological Hamper (Ref 005) | P.V.P. 40€
Organic Red Wine 75cl ArT Terra
Bio Soap 110gr Casa Brava
Creamy Almond Butter Nutural
Bio Carob Chocolate Casa do Bosque

Vintage Hamper (Ref 006) | P.V.P. 40€
Cherry Liquor Espinheira 70cl
Whipping-top Artcri
Almond Chocolate Tablet Regina
Umbrella Chocolate Regina
Notebook Perspectiva Cavaleira
Box of 12 Pencils Vintage Viarco
Candies Dr. Bayard


Estórias Hamper (Ref 007) | P.V.P. 60€
Small Candle In Mde 
Notebook MUD/MdE
Red Wine Imprevisto 75cl
Big swallow – Memória Lusa

Guloso Hamper (Ref 008) | P.V.P. 80€
Red Wine Romeira Reserva 75cl
Cherry Liquor Cantares de Portugal 70cl
Marmalade Paupério
Crackers Mata Bicho
Algarve Almond Tea – Piacere Portugal
Olive Oil to spread on the bread – Ideias e Requintes
Mackerel paté – Briosa Gourmet
Codfish Paté – Briosa Gourmet
Olives Paté – Qt. Sta. Catarina
Small Candle Greatest Candle Oil2wax
Peanut butter – Alcagoita
Pineapple with Port Jam– Fonte de Pias

Marafado Hamper (Ref 009) | P.V.P. 150€
Traditional Basket
Scented Sachet
Medronheiro Honey 280gr Cotifo
Melosa Luz 20cl
Red Wine Imprevisto 75cl
Monchique Chorizo FV
Cagaiçe Piri-piri 50ml Algarve Peppers
Fig Chocolate Tablet Chocofigo
Peanut Butter 240gr Alcagoita
Medronho from Monchique 20cl
Olive Oil Monterosa Selecção 250ml
Preserve, Petiscada Saboreal
Coffee Cheira-me a Algarve – Amor de Biscoito
Algarve Almond Tea – Amor de Biscoito
Artisan Sea Salt aromática Salmarim
Fig Morgado 
Orange Tree Honey 280gr Cotifo

Christmas Hampers

About Mar d’Estórias

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