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afpop East Algarve Christmas Cocktail Dînatoire - Dec 19th

Christmas DinatoireSomething a bit different this year! It’s NOT a Dinner Dance, it’s NOT on a Friday, plus it’s later in December. What is a Cocktail Dînatoire ? It's less formal than a sit down dinner. It's classy, it's tasty and it's convivial! It’s a “posh” drinks and nibbles party. More than canapés, it’s a walking buffet.

Between 8.00pm to 10.00pm you will be served eight different types of canapés. Starting with three cold, then three warm and finally two sweet (a menu will be available soon). 

At the end of the evening you will feel as if you have had a dinner! Your glass will be continuously topped-up by passing waiters, or you can go to one of the drink bars and select your choice of “tipple”.
In addition we are hoping there will be a Wine Tasting Bar. A wine producer will be invited to have samples of a few of his wines. You go and taste what you like and ask questions about the wines - no formal presentations. All very informal.

Members €38.00 Non-Members €40.00. Fully inclusive of drinks, musician & ticket raffle.

CLICK HERE to see more details.

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