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Help the Homeless this Christmas - Adopt a Cuddly Toy

Help the Homeless this Christmas - Adopt a Cuddly ToyCaroline Langston from The Algarve Emporium Charity is organising Christmas Care Packages for approximately 50 homeless people in the Albufeira area, and in order to raise funds, she has set up the Cuddly Toy Adoption Campaign.

There are a number of Cuddly Toys ("pre-loved" and new) to choose from.  Each one has been given a name to suit his or her character and comes complete with adoption certificate. Prices range from 3.00 - 8.00 Euros.

The Algarve Emporium Charity will be at the Guia Fair in Guia on 30th November and at the Almadena Christmas Fayre near Praia da Luz on 1st December with the Toys that are available for Adoption.  Please come along and choose yours.

Toys can also be adopted at online at  https://algarveemporium.com/collections/keep-the-kids-occupied     

All proceeds from the Cuddly Toy Adoption Campaign will go towards the Homeless Christmas Care Packages. SEE MORE INFO ABOUT CARE PACKAGES.

For further information about helping the Homeless in Albufeira or adopting a Cuddly Toy please contact Caroline Langston by email on algarveemporium@gmail.com, or call  961 428 636.

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