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Diane Samuels' KINDERTRANSPORT opens November 23rd

Diane Samuels' KINDERTRANSPORT opens November 23rdIn two weeks The Algarveans will be preparing for the opening night of Kindertransport. In the unlikely event that you have not read anything about the play below a synopsis but without giving anything away.

Kindertransport was a plan, formed in 1938 in reaction to Kristallnacht and the rising Nazi threat, to evacuate children from Germany and Eastern Europe. Before World War II erupted nearly 10,000 youngsters, most of them Jewish, had made it to England. This show approaches the subject from the unusual perspective of a child, who escaped the immediate horrors but paid a heavy price anyway.

The play is set in the attic of a suburban London house in the 1980s. Evelyn, a brusque middle-aged housewife, and her daughter Faith, are sorting through cardboard boxes and old possessions. Theirs is a touchy relationship which unfolds as the show progresses; the air is charged with animosity and misunderstanding.

At the same time, in a series of flashbacks, we follow the progress of Eva, a frightened 9-year-old Jewish girl. Tagged like a piece of luggage, she leaves her mother in Hamburg and travels to England where the well-meaning Lil takes over her upbringing. Little by little the distraught child grows into a reserved young woman. Her accent fades as do the old traumas, or so you would think.

Join us on November 23, 24 or 25
The play starts at 7.45pm • Tickets €12
The bar opens at 7pm • Pre-order your drinks for the interval

Book your tickets by email algarveansboxoffice@gmail.com,  or call 913 723 611 / 282 496 635 / 966 211 634.