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Joint Art Exhibition at Vale do Lobo - 9th Nov to 8th March

Exhibition by Rodrigo Ferreira and Paula Castro Freire Contemporary art exhibition by Rodrigo Ferreira and Paula Castro Freire at the Vale do Lobo Art Gallery 9th November 2017 until 8th March 2018.

Vale do Lobo will feature a collection of art works from contemporary artists Rodrigo Ferreira and Paula Castro Freire. Entrance is free.

Work by Rodrigo Ferreira (top) and Paula Castro FreireThe Rodrigo Ferreira and Paula Castro Freire exhibition is the latest offering from the Vale do Lobo Art Gallery and features a selection of the thoughtful paintings of Rodrigo Ferreira and the expressive sculptures of Paula Castro Freire.

Rodrigo Ferreira was born in Paris in 1951 where he still resides and attended the École National de Beaux-Arts de Paris between 1969 and 1975. He has exhibited since 1967 in France and Portugal and his works feature in several private collections. “Rodrigo Ferreira surprises us in the exhibition of his recent works with the transformation of his long-awaited paintings. His paintings evolve from an aesthetic marked by the poetry of ruins, in almost deserted spaces, to a chromatic spatialism which often evokes Rothko in large bands of contrasting or similar tones”, said Maria João Fernandes.

Paula de Castro Freire holds a degree in Interior Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture of UTL and studied Drawing, Video, Photography and Sculpture. She has worked as a graphic designer, in television and, at the invitation of the Jacques Delors Centre, painted tiles on "The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union" in Trancoso, Reguengos de Monsaraz, Ulgueira, Sintra and Loures.

The exhibition provides the ideal opportunity for visitors to the Algarve to be able to sample a selection of contemporary art by acclaimed artists.

The Rodrigo Ferreira and Paula Castro Freire Exhibition, organised in collaboration with the Galeria São Mamede, will be open to the public from 9th November 2017 and 8th March 2018, Monday to Friday from 09:00h to 18:00h. full programme of events available from the Resort Reception.