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New Orleans Jazz Band Back in Tavira!

New Orleans Jazz Band Back in Tavira!I am delighted that NOJB are returning to to play for us in Tavira on Saturday 27 January at 6 pm at the Beira Rio Restaurant - a favourite haunt of the Band. The restaurant provides a large space to dance as well as providing a buffet supper.

The New Orleans Jazz Band was formed in 1998 by a group of international jazz musicians, all now living in the Algarve. The band's current line up comprises Ray Charsley (trumpet/vocals), Dave Lawson (clarinet/saxophones), John Ballinger (trombone/vocals), Cory Sea (guitar), Luís Hilário (double bass) and Tony Scriven (drums/leader/vocals). The musicians play a mixture of blues, stomps, marches, spirituals and ragtime. They will be playing three 50-minute sets, which will include the now obligatory Umbrella Parade. So don´t forget your brollies - there will be a prize for the fanciest one.

NOJB are one of the busiest bands around, and their enthusiasm for their style of jazz always shines through and ... it is impossible not to dance to the music!

Tickets are 22.50 per person. 3 x 50 minute sets, an umbrella parade and a buffet supper! A whole evening´s entertainment by the River Gilão in Tavira.

To book contact lynne.algarvehistory@gmail.com