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The Vegetable Plot - or... too many crooks spoil the broth

The Vegetable Plot - or...Too many crooks spoil the brothDo you spend all your days vacuuming the carpets and dreaming of a prince to carry you away on a white horse? Do you long for the old days when you were an Important Person? Are you becoming a grumpy old woman but can still remember when you were young and gay? 
There are plenty of clever crooks out there who will offer to transform your life. Who say they will pay you a fortune for old junk; or offer you a rich spiritual future, or change straw into gold.

The Vegetable Plot - or...Too many crooks spoil the brothOr persuade you that exchanging a handful of beans for an old picture of a cow is a good deal. And... just sometimes... one of them is right.

Aperitivo theatre group has assembled a wonderful cast of crooks in their latest play: there is Jack the Lad, who always has an eye for the main chance; there are the Conman and Sid, who have their eyes slyly fixed on the old cow picture; there is the family of a President, exiled for corruption, who think that marrying the son to a rich woman could be the way back to fortune, and there is Swindler, with pockets full of everything from the deeds to the Berlin Wall to a packet of beans.

But don’t worry - the Beanstalk Fairy is there to make sure everything turns out for the best.

Aperitivo theatre group is known for its offbeat and very funny plays - The Vegetable Plot could well be the funniest so far. Certainly the cast have enjoyed themselves enormously rehearsing it and look forward to sharing it with you at one of the following venues:

Tavira: 26th May at the Clube de Tavira
Moncarapacho: 2nd June at the Casa do Povo
São Brás: 8th and 9th of June at the Museum

Tickets are 8euros, and performances start at 7.30pm.

For tickets for Tavira and Moncarapacho email: aperitivo.info@gmail.com
For tickets for the Museum at São Brás email: admin@amigos-museum-sbras.pt