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AHA Talks in June

June talksTalk by Peter Kingdon Booker: Henry the Navigator - Hero or Villain? - Tuesday 26 June and Friday 29 June

Talk by Rosie Peddle: The World Needs More Gardeners -  Monday 11 June and Tuesday 12 June

Talk by Peter Kingdon Booker: Henry the Navigator - Hero or Villain?

Henry the Navigator was the third surviving son of D João I of Portugal and his English-born queen, Philippa of Lancaster. Their children are referred to in Portugal as the Ínclita Geração, the distinguished generation, or family. Not destined to occupy the throne, Henry had to excel in another direction, and he chose to specialise in the effort to discover more of the Atlantic coast of Africa. Henry was certainly the originator of the Portuguese Discoveries, and it was he who provided the initial impetus. Portuguese sailors had travelled as far south as present-day Sierra Leone by the time of Henry´s death in 1460. But Prince Henry was also concerned in other less ethical enterprises, such as a continuing war with Castile, and he also abandoned his brother to captivity by the Moroccans. The most immoral of his bequests was the Atlantic slave trade, of which he was the enthusiastic originator. Peter Booker examines the legacy of this extraordinary man, and tries to evaluate his impact on world history.

Peter will be giving this talk on Tuesday 26 June at 6 pm in the Municipal Library Lagoa and on Friday 29 June at 11 am in the Municipal Library Tavira.

For more details contact: lynne.algarvehistory@gmail.com

Talk by Rosie Peddle: The World Needs More Gardeners 

Rosie Peddle is a founding member of the Mediterranean Gardening Association. She worked as a volunteer with the UK charity, Plant Heritage, and besides having 4 acres of land where she ´dry´gardens, she finds time to give talks and to work as part of the Barrocal Botanical Garden Project. The main aims of the project is to demonstrate the potential of the native plants of the Barrocal, particularly in a way which has low or nil water use. The aim is to raise awareness of the possibilities of this style of gardening to the benefit of gardening professionals as well as individuals who have land on the Barrocal. The Barrocal is one of the three ecological areas of the Algarve - the others being the Litoral (near the sea) and the Serra (the mountains). The Barrocal Botanical Garden is based near Silves and to accompany the talk, we shall be organising a visit to the Garden.

Rosie will be giving this talk on Monday 11 June at 6 pm in the Municipal Library Tavira and on Tuesday 12 June at 6 pm in the Municipal Library Lagoa .

For more information contact: lynne.algarvehistory@gmail.com