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'Blues Month' at Herdade da Corte - Mingo Balaguer & Kid Carlos, June 23rd

June is the 'Blues Month' at Herdade da CorteIts with great pleasure and “saudade” that we'll welcome two great musicians and friends this Saturday, June 23rd  to complete Blues Month at Herdade da Corte. Admission: 6€

Tapas & Drinks are available, plus Herdade da Corte offers 30% discount on a double/twin standard bedroom, for those who want to stay overnight, upon availability.

Saturday 23rd June @ 7:30pm

Mingo Balaguer harmonica + voice, and Kid Carlos electric guitar - the "best Blues harmonica in Spain" w/ a new project.

Booking is essential since we've got limited seats. Please do it through our e-mail: herdadedacorte@herdadedacorte.com

W: www.facebook.com/herdadedacorte