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Loulé art exhibition - Richard Smith’s 'Window on the South'

RichardSmithRichard Smith was born in 1930 in Gweru, Zimbabwe and received his basic education there. Later he was to attend university both at Rhodes University in South Africa and afterwards at Oxford University.

After his university studies he became a lawyer. Although Richard was always artistic he only took up painting in Portugal where inspired by the space of Studio 21 he began to paint.

He was self-taught approaching his work from a different angle from most artists. In fact every painting or sculpture was a practical lesson in different and possibly new techniques and colours.

His themes were based on his observations of the world around him, people resting or at work, village streets, and dogs playing.

Richard Smith rarely sat down and did a preliminary sketch for a painting. Instead when he looked at a photograph or real life he did so in an abstract way letting his imagination fill in the details.

He died in 2008 as result of a fall while walking his beloved dogs leaving the legacy of his paintings.


Inauguration - July 20 at 18h00 at the Galeria de Arte do Convento Espírito Santo in Loulé


The exhibition runs from 20 July to 17 September
Tuesdays to Fridays 10h00 - 18h00
Saturday 10h00 - 16h30