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Algarve History Association September 2018 Events


All the news and information regarding Algarve History Association Events in September 2018.

Sunday 23 September at 5 pm at Quintinha da Música (near Tavira)

Concert with the Quintet Sul´Arte
With José Gomes (violin), Helena Duarte (violin), Ângela Silva (viola), Michail Shumova (cello) and Joana Vieira Shumova (piano)
The Quintet will play Schumann´s Piano Quintet in E flat major, Op 44. This piece was composed in 1842 and received its first public performance the following year. It is noted for its extroverted and exuberant character, and is considered one of his finest compositions and a major work of nineteenth century chamber music. After the interval, the Quintet will present Elgar´s Piano Quintet in A minor op 84. This piece is regarded as an ambitious and expansive work haunted by drama.

In our 10 years of hosting international standard classical music concerts, this is the first time that we shall host a Piano Quintet.

Tickets are €25 and can be obtained from lynne.algarvehistory@gmail.com.

Monday 10 September at 6 pm (Municipal Library Tavira) and Tuesday 11 September at 6 pm (Municipal Library Lagoa)

Talk by Jez Branscombe : The History of Modern Computer Systems
Jeremy will give a non-technical talk on the evolution of commercial computer systems from the second world war to the modern day. He will intersperse his talk with anecdotes and illustrations from a career in computing. Jeremy has a BSc in Engineering Science and he studied computer aided engineering as a postgraduate at Liverpool Hope University. He was the Technical Director of Independent Computer Systems, and an Executive Consultant with the Sopra Group. He now is CEO of SNUG Information Technology Inc which is based in Switzerland.

Tuesday 25 September at 6 pm (Municipal Library Lagoa) and Friday 28 September at 11 am (Municipal Library Tavira)

Talk by Peter Booker: Vasco da Gama - Hero or Villain?
If you ask someone to name five famous Portuguese, it is a safe bet that one of the names will be Vasco da Gama. He is famous for making the first sea voyage from Europe to India and back again in 1498. But what about the rest of his life? How did he come to be selected for this historic voyage of discovery? What sort of person was he? An aristocrat, or a humble mariner? What qualities were needed for this type of journey? And what about his life after the momentous journey? Did he retire quietly to rest on his laurels? Or was he soon awarded a peerage and pressed into further royal service? Did Vasco make any further India voyages? And lastly, when he died in 1524, where was he buried? And what happened to his remains in between his first interment, and the re-interment in the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos in 1880? Are his remains really there? Join Peter Booker to discover more about this champion of Portuguese maritime history.

Our talks are free although we do ask for voluntary monetary contributions to enable us to run our Association.