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Algarve History Association Events in October 2018

AHAAlgarve History Association Concerts and Talks during October 2018.

Concert by Duo Blumenthal - Sunday 7 October a 5 pm 
Tickets cost €25 and can be obtained from: lynne.algarvehistory@gmail.com

The performance history of this duo is still new, since Aya Komatsu (flute) and Namiko Kimori (piano) met at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt (HfMDK- Frankfurt Conservatory) only in 2015. This Japanese duo has an extensive repertoire ranging from the baroque to contemporary music. Their profound musical understanding results from a wide study of Early Music at the Conservatory.

Aya Komatsu came from Tokushima in Japan to Europe to study flute at Freiburg Conservatory, graduating with honours in 2008. Continuing her soloist studies with Prof. Renggli, she graduated with honours from Basel Conservatory in 2010. She is a prizewinner in both national and international flute and chamber music competitions. In 2002 she won second prize at the Japan Flute Convention Competition in the High School category and another prize at the Japan Flute Convention Competition in 2007. In 2009 she won first prize at the 31st Concours National d'Execution Musicale, first prize at the Woodwind and Brass Competition at Freiburg Conservatory and third prize at the 13th Namiko Kimori (left) and Aya Komatsu Friedrich Kuhlau International Flute Competition, and in 2010 she won the Basel Orchestra Förderpreis. With Reina Abe (as Duo Arko) in 2011, she won second prize at the Friedrich Kuhlau Competition, another prize in the Orpheus Swiss Chamber Music Competition in 2012, and lastly in 2013 first prize at the Friedrich Kuhlau Competition. As soloist with the Basel Symphony Orchestra in 2010, she played Isang Yun's Flute Concerto, and in the three years 2010-2012 she was solo flautist in the Philharmonia of the Nations.
In 2010, she began to specialise in Baroque music. She studied both transverse flute and recorder at the Frankfurt Conservatory and earned her master's degree in Historical Interpretation Practice for transverse flute in 2014 and for recorder in 2016. In 2015 she and the ensemble Quintetto Quinqueliando won the 3rd prize in the Biagio Marini Competition for Early Music. She performs regularly with other ensembles, and this year she has often been invited to play with the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra. With her expertise in both recorders and modern flute. Aya Komatsu has an enormous repertoire ranging from Renaissance to Modern Music.

Namiko Kimori was born in 1983 in Nagasaki, Japan. She began her piano studies at the age of 5, and later studied at the Art University of Aichi Prefecture. In 2009 she joined the Detmold Conservatory in Germany, graduating with honours as Master Piano Soloist in 2012. In 2015 she began her studies of Harpsichord and Hammerklavier (HIP Master) at Frankfurt Conservatory, and now teaches at the Detmold Conservatory. She has participated in several masterclasses for piano soloists, and now performs regularly in Germany and Japan, and since 2013 she has performed at the concert series "Night of the churches in Wiesbaden". Together with Aya Komatsu, Namiko Kimori was invited to perform for the Middle Rhine Congress of Surgeons, and later that year, played for the premiere of the play "Miniatures for small drum and piano" by Jens Bühren at the 11th Benefit Concert of the Round Table 90 in the large hall of the Frankfurt Conservatory.

They will be playing music by Japanese composers in the first half: Japanese Seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and in the second half they will be playing music by Astor Piazzolla, Claude Debussy and Borne François. 

Algarve History Association Talks in October

On Monday 8 at 18h00 in the Municipal Library, Tavira and on Tuesday 9 at 18h00 in the Municipal Library, Lagoa, Carmen Ruiloba Errandonea will be giving a talk entitled: Does Modern Art have its roots in the Iberian Peninsula? In her previous career Carmen was a Guide at the Prado Museum in Madrid. She argues that despite the widely spread idea that art, and especially modern contemporary art, is the product of an eccentric highly inspired individual, the less romantic truth is that artists from all periods have drawn inspiration and ideas from previous times. By comparing images, this talk will explore whether some of those old sources providing bases for visual modernity could be found in the Iberian Peninsula.

On Friday 26 at 11 am in the Municipal Library Tavira and on Tuesday 30 at 18h00 in the Municipal Library Lagoa, Peter Kingdon Booker will discuss the controversial topic: was Salazar a Fascist?

When Peter first gave a lecture about António de Oliveira Salazar, an aggressive comment after the talk suggested that Salazar was evil because he was a fascist. Since that time ten years ago, Peter has reflected on this comment and in this new lecture addresses this important question. What exactly is or was a fascist? This word has become a catch-all pejorative for those on the right of the political spectrum, and is not particularly useful nowadays as a description, but it may be relevant in the discussion of an historical figure. History of course makes sense only in its own context, and in order to answer the difficulty of Salazar´s political orientation, we need to find out how he came to power and how he held on to it for thirty-six years. In his new lecture on Salazar, Peter shows how Portugal succumbed to nearly half a century of dictatorship, and discusses the support enjoyed by this civilian dictator. Peter will show whether Salazar was a fascist, and whether this label is important in the context of Portugal´s history.

Talks are free but we do welcome monetary contributions to enable us to pay expenses to our speakers and to run our Association.

For further information contact: lynne.algarvehistory@gmail.com