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“Concrete Derivation” new art exhibition at the Vale do Lobo Art Gallery – opens 11th October

“Concrete Derivation” new art exhibition at the Vale do Lobo Art Gallery – opens 11th OctoberVale do Lobo will feature a stunning collection of inspiring pieces from Spanish artist Carlos Evangelista during his Concrete Derivation exhibition from 11th October until 14th February 2019. Entrance is free.

Born in Salamanca in 1943, Carlos Evangelista works using various different materials as both a painter and a sculptor. His works combine fine arts with applied arts including architecture, to create his distinctive style.

Evangelista has won several prizes for his works which are displayed in museums in Spain, and also in private and public collections in Spain, France, Mexico, Austria, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Venezuela, Colombia, Finland, the USA, Argentina and Canada.

This latest exhibition sees the artist challenging himself to create harmony through strict internal order, combining dynamism with static through technical perfection.

The Concrete Derivation exhibition comprises a selection of interesting works, including paintings on wood and lacquered steel sculptures which the artist created between 2005 and 2018 and will be on display at the gallery as part of an ongoing collaboration between the resort and the famed São Mamede Gallery.

This exciting exhibition by Carlos Evangelista promises to be truly memorable, bringing an exciting and thought provoking selection of works to the resort and is open to the public daily, Monday to Friday from 09:00h until 18:00h.

A full programme of events is available from the Resort Reception or by checking the website.

T: +351 289 353 322
E: events@vdl.pt
W: www.valedolobo.com