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Freedom of an individual - Whose life is it anyway?

Deborah Kloegman Born in South Africa Deborah Kloegman grew up in Canada, where she spent most of her working life. Now retired, Deborah and her husband, Paul, recently moved to Portugal where they joined The Algarveans Experimental Theatre Group. Deborah has been involved in community theatre since she was 12 years old. With theatre training at the University of Alberta Honours Drama programme also The Banff School of Fine Arts she has appeared on stage in numerous productions in Canada, Israel, Spain and Mexico.

In 2015 she appeared as Hannah in a production of The Night of the Iguana, and in 2016 she played Rosemary in Outside Mullingar. Most recently Deborah portrayed Dr Livingstone in Agnes Of God.

Rui Louzeira and Deborah Kloegman Deborah was cast to play Claire, the lead part, in The Algarveans’ production of Whose Life is it Anyway? by Brian Clark. This lead part was originally written for a man and was played by Ian McShane in the television play followed by Tom Conti on stage however, Brian Clarke rewrote the part for Mary Tyler Moore in the Broadway production when Conti left.

Deborah is delighted to be part of such a powerful show. One of her favourite quotes in the play is spoken by her character Claire: "I am not asking anyone to salute my choice, just to recognise my right to make it." In context, she is referring to her request to be released from hospital to "die quietly with as much dignity as I can muster".

Claire is not asking that people decide whether she should live or die. The decision is whether she is entitled to exercise her right as an individual to choose her own destiny, or whether morality dictates it should be decided by the medical professionals who think they know best.

This makes for an interesting dialectic about the true meaning of "professionalism", the human spirit and the answer to the question "Whose life is it anyway?".

The play is showing over three days, November 22-24, with curtain up at 7.45pm. Tickets cost €12 which you can already book by email algarveansboxoffice@gmail.com or by telephone 913 723 611, 282 496 635 or 966 211 634.