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Romance - Will love bloom in the sluice room?

Whose Life is it Anyway?Following The Algarveans’ recent successful productions including Pollen and The Vicar of Dibley, the group are staging Brian Clark’s Whose Life is it Anyway? at Lagoa Auditorium in November.

The play considers whether Claire is entitled to exercise her right, as an individual, to choose her own destiny or whether morality dictates it should be decided by the medical professionals who think they know best.
With courage, humour and romance Whose Life Is It Anyway? offers a witty, yet relevant means to consider this problem.

Rui Louzeiro and Maxine CostaWhen Brian Clark was asked why he introduced the personal relationships he did, in the play, he answered, “I wanted as much normality as possible, and it is highly likely that a young nurse and a young orderly would flirt with each other. It also heightens the loss of Claire’s sexuality. Kay is sensitive to this, and for Dr Scott, it’s much more harrowing and adult”.

To explain further, the registrar treating Claire, Dr Scott, dated her solicitor and Claire teases him saying that he went out with her surrogate. Jim Landis, playing Dr Scott, expresses his idea that, “… David dates Claire’s solicitor (played by Lara Costa) but is it really Claire herself he’d rather be with than her surrogate? Claire has a quick wit, brilliant brain and a fabulous sense of humour. I think given the chance David could easily fall in love with Claire.” This raises the question, does love have to be physical?

Jim Landis and Deborah KloegmanThe delightful romance in the play is between Kay the young nurse, played by Maxine Costa, and John an orderly, played by Rui Louzeiro. Kay is cramming anatomy and physiology for her finals and the last thing on her mind is romance however, John would like to make things way more physical with Kay’s anatomy!

Whose Life is it Anyway? is playing at Lagoa Auditorium from November 22-24, with curtain up at 7.45pm.

The bar opens at 7pm and you can order your interval drinks so as to avoid any queuing.

Tickets cost €12 which you can book by email at algarveansboxoffice@gmail.com or by telephone 913 723 611, 282 496 635 or 966 211 634.