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This Week At República 14, Olhão

This Week At República 14, Olhão

GALOPIM - Friday, May 31st at 9:30 p.m. at República 14 in Olhão.
In early 2017, João Tiago Neto, mentor of bands such as "Melomeno - Rítmica" and "Nome", groups that stood out in the Algarvian music scene, decided to create a new project of his own named GALOPIM (Moço de recados).
With an EP of 4 songs already recorded GALOPIM is written in Portuguese with lyrics that tell us stories of everyday life without forgetting love as an important theme. With a musical style that goes from the electronic-pop to the experimental low-fi, Galopim advances to a new stage with the company of the musician, also from the Algarve, André de Oliveira on guitars and synthesizers. Friday 9:30 pm at the Re-Criativa República 14 in Olhão.


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