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Upcoming Talk: The Current Situation in Hong Kong by David Thomas

AHAAlgarve History Association:  Upcoming Talk - The Current Situation in Hong Kong by David Thomas

Lagoa Library: Tuesday 23 July at 6 pm and Tavira Library: 26 July at 11 am

Many people will have viewed with concern the growing unrest in Hong Kong over the last few weeks, culminating in the attack on the Legislative Council building on 1st July, in what appears to be an unprecedented challenge to the leadership in both Hong Kong and Beijing.

The joint declaration was signed by the People´s Republic of China and Great Britain and the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) of the People's Republic of China was passed by the National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China.  This arrangement gave certain rights to the newly created HKSAR and guaranteed that these rights would remain unchanged for 50 years.

After some 13 years of planning, the transition from British to Chinese rule on 1st July 1997 went smoothly. So what has gone wrong since then, and how has Hong Kong arrived in its current position? And if this position is left unchecked, what could happen in the future?

David Thomas served in the Hong Kong Police for 31 years, and he retired in 2005 from his post as an Assistant Commissioner.  His service clearly included some of the period after the joint agreement and the first stages of its implementation.

Referring to the latest events, David states: "On the day which should be a celebration of 22 years of a new era, I am saddened to see my former colleagues being put in the difficult position, of having to deal with the violence caused in this case by a determined group of demonstrators. The actions of this small group detract from the peaceful demonstration by a very large number of people (some estimates nearly 2 million) who gathered to air their views, which under the Basic Law they have a legitimate right to do. Unfortunately as often the case when government policies are questioned in this way, police are put in the position of having to deal with the fall out."

To book contact:  lynne.algarvehistory@gmail.com