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New exhibitions by two local artists!

New exhibitions by two local artists!The new exhibitions at LiR - Galeria de Artte in Lagoa showcase abstract art for all. Once again Stela Barreto has managed to reinvent herself, both technically and in the subject, through simple lines, a fine balance of colours, looking for inspiration from within the architecture and customs of the Algarve, she has created this new collection that we are pleased to display in our Gallery.

New exhibitions by two local artists!We are proud to announce an exhibition by Pedro Águas (1988) – Born and raised in the quiet fisher´s village Olhão down south Portugal and academic background on Visual Arts by UALG ( University of the Algarve).
His artistic line seeks freedom from the demands of logic, and reason goes beyond everyday consciousness, seeking to express the world of the unconscious and dreams, where anything is possible.
He attempts to overcome the contradiction between objectivity and subjectivity, providing a poetic hallucination, an expansion of consciousness.

Also, you don't want to miss..

Our main gallery that counts with more than 40 international artists, our lounge bar, where you can enjoy authentic tea, great coffee, amazing gins and of course, our homemade wine!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/galeria_de_art

LiR - Galeria de Artte - Única - Adega Cooperativa do Algarve, EN125, Lagoa 8400-395


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