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Summer Party At Armação Beach Club - Aug 22nd

Summer Party At Armação Beach Club - Aug 22ndOn August 22nd, the Summer Party returns to Armação Beach Club with another lively event filled with pure fun, with live music and refreshing cocktails, from 10 pm onwards, at Praia Dourada Beach Restaurant, next to Praia dos Pescadores, in Armação de Pêra.

With free entrance, the Summer Party will feature the vibrant sound and energy of saxophonist Ricardo Branco (@ricardobranco), accompanied by the voice of Veronica Larrenne (@veronicalarrenne) and the melodic rhythm of DJ Paul Soir and DJ Arnie Elliot, promising an evening of offer fun and entertainment for everyone to get dancing with their feet on the sand.

In addition to the musical diversity and along with the range of refreshing drinks, there will also be delicious snacks served until 2am to replenish energies. Private cabanas are also available.


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