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'Century of the Seas' Exhibition Opens - Lagos

'Century of the Seas' Exhibition Opens - LagosThe 'Century of the Seas' exhibition by Tara and Sylvian Bongard opens on Friday 30th August at 18:00 in the Fortaleza (Fortaleza da Ponta da Bandeira), Lagos. The opening ceremony will take place from 18:00 unti 21:00. A collection of stoneware clay sculptures by the artistswill fill the Fortaleza entrance, courtyard and inner rooms, expressing the human relation to the seas, its life and destruction.

The exhibition will run until the end of the year.

Century of the Seas
We have reached the 21st century with a culmination of knowledge, scientific advance and technical advancement. This evolution which has been fast and extensive has influenced our oceans in a partly irreversible way.

We have created this collection of stoneware ceramic sculptures to demonstrate the unique beauty and diversity of the creatures and fauna that lives beneath our seas, living life that surprises  with its diversity and infinite creation but lives in a fragility on the edge of extinction.

We also try to show the symbiotic existence between man and the seas with the representation of a Fish market and a table laid showing the flavours we, at present, unsustainably appreciate from our oceans. A part of the pieces showing an awareness  of the already existent pollution hovering on the horizon and arriving on our shores.

Returning and maintaining a valid and lasting balance should be our most urgent objective for our seas if we wish to pass this beauty without shame to our future generations.

About Sylvain Bongard
Born in 1959, Geneva, Switzerland to French/Swiss parents. He moved  to Portugal with his family as a child in 1970, only to leave for four years to complete his studies in Germany and England.

Returning permanently home to the Algarve in 1980, he realized his dream to dedicate all his energy to painting and sculpting full time. He has created numerous works for public spaces and private collections plus exhibiting in Portugal and abroad.

AboutTara Esaguy Bongard
Born in 1970, London, England to Anglo-Portuguese parents her childhood was shared between England and Portugal, finalizing her studies in England.

She continued her passion for drawing throughout her travels in America, Central America, Turkey and the Middle East. Settling in Israel for 10 years she apprenticed in woodwork and then glass painting and fusing, She returned to live permanently in Portugal in 2005.Working full time with ceramic sculpture in 2008.


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