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Riding for the Disabled Special Olympics - Oct 18th

Riding for the Disabled Special Olympics - Oct 18thThe Riding for the Disabled Special Olympics Regional Competition will be held on 18th October at Bensafrim.  RDB will be entering 9 Competitors for the competition:   5 from NECI, 2 from Algoz and 2 from Santo Amaro. 

Please try and come to support our riders.  It will be interesting as there will be a new event added to the competition this year.

The competition will consist of:

1) the divisioning section where the rider is judged on how well he or she can control the horse;

2) Working Trail section where the rider takes the horse through various obstacles,

3) for the very first time, there will be dressage.

We also need volunteers to help with the competition  - opening and closing of gates, helping the judges, helping with the horses and riders.  Please email maddiegrossey@gmail.comv if you are able to help, so that we can have a rough idea of numbers.


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