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Upcoming talk - Evolution and Geography with Ludo Broothaers - Nov 11th & 12th

Upcoming talk - Evolution and Geography with Ludo Broothaers - Nov 11th & 12thEvolution and Geography Talk by Ludo Broothaers on Monday 11 November at 18h00 in Tavira Library and Tuesday 12 November at 18h00 in Lagoa Library.

Ludo´s talk boils down to a synthesis of two previous talks.

Two years ago he highlighted the history of the evolution of vertebrate animals. Last year he expounded how continents simultaneously grow and are being resorbed by earth's crust. In this way, continents are transported across the globe's surface, albeit geologically very slowly. These movements make up another history, one that can be matched against the history of evolution. The result of this may reveal to us something about the geographical distribution of animals over the planet. For instance, why kangaroos in Australia, and nowhere else? Or why are some islands devoid of vertebrate animals at all? Many jigsaw-puzzle pieces about life on earth fall into place. 

(Please note that I shall be organising dinner at Jorge and Lia´s restaurant following the talk in Tavira. Please let me know by lunchtime on Saturday 9 November if you would like to join us).



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