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Algarve History Association News & Events: December 2019

AHA November

Please note that the concert with Olga Heikilla and Irene Ainstein scheduled for Sunday 22 December has been cancelled for personal reasons.

We have two special events for the festive season.  On Tuesday 10 December at 6 pm (Lagoa Library) and Friday 20 December  at 11 am (Tavira Library), Peter Booker will continue his celebration of Fado.  Fado is a music genre that can be traced back to the 1820s in Lisbon - but its origins are probably earlier than that.  Fado historian, Rui Vieira Nery  states that the only reliable information on the history of Fado was orally transmitted and goes back to the 1820s and 1830s.

The Fado Museum, FaroIn January this year, Peter gave a presentation on Fado, which sought to tear away some of the misconceptions concerning this essentially Portuguese art form.  Dr Salazar reckoned that there were three fs of which Portuguese could be proud - football, Fátima and fado.  In this second presentation, Peter continues with translations to accompany some traditional fados, so that those whose first language is not Portuguese can have some idea of the meanings behind the lyrics.  There is no generally accepted definition of fado music, but based on some years of thought, Peter makes his own definition.  There are few fado songs which are overtly political, or which comment on the material difficulties in life, because for many years fado was subject to state censorship.  This fact goes some way to explain the sometimes whimsical nature of the songs, and their general lack of critical comment.    

On Tuesday 7 December at 6 pm (Lagoa Library) and on Friday 13 December at 11 am (Tavira Library), Barbara Fellgiebel will give a talk entitled My Grandfather Tried to Kill Adolf Hitler - Not all Germans were Nazis. 

I have known Barbara for many years and she was one of my first interviewees for my series of Algarve People written for Algarve Goodlife. 

Barbara FellgiebelBarbara is the grand daughter of the 20th of July 1944 co-conspiratior, General Erich Fellgiebel.  She will talk about the German Nazi resistance - a topic she says is generally unknown outside of Germany.  She will address the following questions:

1. What is it like to have a grandfather who was both a hero and a traitor?

2. Who does his moral courage mean to this descendants today?

3. Which of his values are relevant and which ones do you distance yourself from?

4. What happened to his family in the aftermath of the failed assassination?

For more information contact lynne.algarvehistory@gmail.com


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