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Coming up at Expat Centre Algarve...

Margery Jane Bloomfield“The Expat Centre Portugal” aim to help international people who live and may also work in the Algarve, to build connections and friendships through social meet ups and events. Our main objective is to help both new comers and long-term residents feel more "at home" in the Algarve with an increased sense of belonging.  

Our website will show a variety of great events; cultural, social and artistic; that you might not be aware of. We want to motivate people to participate in these events, so that they expand their network, meet interesting people and become part of a heartfelt community.

Full Moon Evening Walks
Join us on our magical walk, with only the light of the moon and the stars to lighten your path. We walk in a beautiful protected nature area, a valley north of Loulé. Being a transition zone between the Algarve coast and mountains, the valley is green with waterfalls in rainy season, it has caves, conifer- and deciduous trees. Walking in the dark helps finding your calm and brings you back to yourself. Ideal for nature lovers. Monthly walk March 9th. Time:7:30- 9:30pm. All info and to sign up: www.expatcentreportugal.com/events

Coffee & Conversation for Expats
Join our get together for a great opportunity to meet other newcomers in the Algarve. Here you can make new friends, share experiences and build connections.  Our Coffee and Conversation meet-ups happen almost every week and at different venues. All info and to sign up: www.expatcentreportugal.com/events

Loulé Town walking Tour 
Monthly Historical walking tours Loulé. Perfect for you to see this town in a new light or a fun excursion for when you have guests. All info and to sign up: www.expatcentreportugal.com/events
Date: Thursday February 27, Time: 10:30- 13:00.

Lets' talk books!
As internationals we've all moved house, started our lives all over again, made new friends, lost old ones and some of us also found love while journeying. Margery Joan Bloomfield has done all of this while travelling the world, and she wrote books! Because we're all so curious to hear her story, we've organised a book presentation where we'll hear how her two published books "Tree of Life" and "Full Circle" came into being. Refreshments will follow as well as discussion about all things relating to reading and writing. Town: Loulé.  Max 20 seats!  All info and to sign up: www.expatcentreportugal.com/events. The Expat Centre Portugal is founded and run by expats.
Date: Sunday February 23rd. Time: 3:00- 5:30pm  
Price: €10-, incl. snacks & drinks. 

Learn Portuguese together
Get in the bubble of the Portuguese speaking community and understand what is going on. Learning the language truly helps to build connections. Our Portuguese classes are interactive and fun! New beginners’ classes in Loulé starting this month. All info and to sign up: www.expatcentreportugal.com/events

The Expat Centre Portugal is founded and run by expats.

W: www.expatcentreportugal.com
E: expatcentre.pt@gmail.com
Facebook group: Expat Centre Portugal

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