Algarve History Association Events: Autumn 2021

Algarve History AssociationAfter being so rudely interrupted last year, we have been thinking about our programme for the autumn when we hope that restrictions will be less onerous than they are at present.

History and Culture Talks

The libraries at Tavira and Lagoa have accepted our reservations, and at present they have a limitation of 22 audience members.  We suppose that we shall be able to operate more naturally on the following dates in the autumn, and we have the following prospective titles:


October 18 Monday - Andrew Kennedy - Cosmology

October 29 Friday - Peter - D Sebastião

November 8 Monday - Ludo - Ice Ages

November 26 Friday - Peter - The Philippine Years

December 17 Friday - Peter - The Restoration of 1640


October 19 Tuesday - Andrew Kennedy - Cosmology

October 26 Tuesday - Peter - D Sebastião

November 16 Tuesday- Ludo Ice Ages

November 23 Tuesday - Peter The Philippine Years

December 14 Tuesday - Peter The Restoration of 1640

As always, we are keen to be in contact if you wish to make a presentation.  And if there is a particular part of Portuguese or Algarvian history which intrigues you, please let me know.  Last year, I was able to respond to a request by giving another presentation on the Jews in Portugal.

Tavira Historical Walks

While ever the government insists on the wearing of masks in public places, I cannot make these guided walks in Tavira.  But as soon as there is any let up in this restriction, I shall publicise the dates for another edition of Tavira Historical Walks.


Lynne, Irene and I have met to discuss a programme for the autumn, and for next spring.  We have no firm dates, nor firm artists, but we thought that you should be aware that we plan to begin again as soon as we are able.

We hope to engage Varoujan (cello), Lucjan (piano), Nikola (piano), and the Forty Fingers; and we plan dates in early October, November, January and April.  As soon as we have any firm arrangements, we shall of course publicise them.

History of Tavira

Lastly, with the help of some members, I have constructed a History of Tavira´s Churches.  It is a long document, and not for the faint-hearted. I am looking for some feedback on this portion of Tavira history, and would welcome comment.    If you feel inclined to help by commenting on this piece, please let me know and I shall send an electronic copy in return for your honest comments.

For more information, or to contact us , please visit

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